A lot happens between the time a bond sale hits the new issue calendar and an investor actually places an order. Regardless of market conditions, fund inflows, or other prevailing factors, municipal analysts are constantly re-evaluating new offerings to make sure they fit their investment criteria.

Issuers who understand this full process can make a more effective pitch, which presents an incredible opportunity to benefit their upcoming offerings.

Mary Colby and Tammy Eng, two leaders from Charles Schwab, will offer their expertise during this session.

They’ll detail all the ‘little things’ municipal issuers can do to stand out and get a definitive “yes” from buy-side decision makers. Mary and Tammy will even offer real examples of what has helped or hurt deals they’ve researched lately so issuers have a clear view of how internal rating systems are functioning today.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The internal & external pressures influencing buy-side purchasing decisions, and how issuers can proactively address them
  • The secondary market factors that portfolio managers evaluate, and how they impact an issuer’s next primary offerings
  • What investors really want, or don’t, in an investor roadshow
  • The issuer data that analysts consistently wish was easier to find

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Mary Colby Vice President & Head of Municipal Research, Charles Schwab

Mary Colby is a Vice President and Head of Municipal Research for CSIM. As the head of municipal research, she manages a team of analysts who evaluate and monitor municipal securities being considered for, or already held by, Schwab’s fixed-income funds and separately managed accounts.

Ms. Colby joined CSIM’s municipal research group as a senior credit analyst in 1996 and became the head of municipal research in 2004. Prior to joining CSIM, Ms. Colby was a credit analyst in the public finance department at Standard & Poor's.

Ms. Colby earned a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in European history from Northwestern University. She has served on the Board of Directors of the National Federation of Municipal Analysts, and is a past Chairperson of the California Society of Municipal Analysts.


Tammy Eng Managing Director, Municipal Research, Charles Schwab

Tammy Eng is a Managing Director and Municipal Research Analyst. In this role, she is responsible for analyzing and monitoring municipal securities being considered for, or already held by, the Schwab fixed-income funds and separately managed accounts. She is the lead analyst for the general government and not-for profit higher education sectors.

Prior to joining CSIM in 2008, Ms. Eng was an underwriter for public finance at XL Capital Assurance for five years, where she underwrote insurance policies for general obligation, lease, special tax, and utility financings. Prior to that, she worked in the Public Finance Ratings Group at Standard & Poor’s, where she focused on 13 western states, while serving as part of the credit teams for Alaska, California, Hawaii, and Utah.

Ms. Eng earned a Bachelor of Arts in government from Oberlin College. She is a member of the Chicago Society of Municipal Analysts.


Throughout this webinar series, we’ll connect issuers with our top network of large investors and other experts that span the entire municipal market. You can participate in in-depth discussions, hear how other organizations are approaching the current market, and learn what you should be focusing on today to better engage buyers.

No one can predict the future, but you can be prepared with ideas, best practices, and more to take on whatever comes your way. Having more knowledge on your side can only help.