Gain Actionable Insights from Leading Municipal Professionals

We are excited to announce our third annual IR Leadership Conference, the muni market’s only event dedicated to investor engagement.

The format may be different this year - all virtual - but the experience will be as powerful as ever for issuers sharpening best practices they can use to drive their bond sales.

Join us for a series of virtual sessions over the course of three weeks in December, in which we will draw from the expertise of the largest bond investors, top muni market professionals, peer issuers, and corporate IR leaders. These sessions will be brief but packed with actionable ideas and tips.

What’s new for the 2020 IR Leadership Conference and what are the hot topics? The market volatility brought on by COVID-19, managing investor relationships in the face of credit deterioration, new & emerging strategies to reach sustainable investors, and the growing importance of international buyers.

Check out the full agenda and view the webinar recordings on-demand below.

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Why Attend?

Authoritative Speakers

We're bringing you the best & brightest. Hear from leaders across the capital markets landscape to gain the unique insights you need to successfully engage bond investors.

Timely Content

We’re not repeating the basics here. Our speakers are focused on what’s new and what works. Period.

Valuable Takeaways

Each live session will emphasize one aspect of investor engagement. These will be brief and tight sessions to deliver concrete strategies, ideas, and tips that can work for you.

Meet Our Speakers

Greg Anderson
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Greg Anderson

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Principal Accounting Officer

Allegiant Air

Lynn Tyson

Executive Director, Investor Relations

Ford Motor Company

Guy Gresham

Group Head, Global IR Advisory & Investor Solutions

BNY Mellon

James McIntyre

Director of Capital Markets

NYS Homes and Community Renewal

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 11.46.54 AM
Nat Singer
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John Loffredo

Executive Managing Director, Co-Head of Municipal Managers

MacKay Shields

Nat Singer

Senior Managing Director

Swap Financial Group

Kym Arnone

Managing Director, Joint-Head of Municipal Finance


Guy Davidson

Chief Investment Officer—Municipal Business


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Pierce Lord
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Will MacPherson

Michael Yu

Director, Clean Energy Finance

Connecticut Green Bank

Pierce Lord

Director of Product Development

ICE Data Services

Mike Brown

Environmental Finance Manager

SFPUC Capital Finance

Will MacPherson

Managing Director, Head of Municipals, Global Markets Group

IHS Markit

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Marshall Kitain
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Tim Coffin

Senior Vice President, Director of Sustainability

Breckinridge Capital Advisors

Marshall Kitain

Executive Director and Head of Municipal Bond Credit Analysis and Investor Marketing


Tom Doe


Municipal Market Analytics, Inc.

Patrick Sanders

Director of Product Management


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Colin MacNaught

Co-Founder & CEO


Tom Paolicelli

Director of Customer Success


Full Agenda

New Taxable Buyers: How to Engage for Long-Term Value

Wednesday, December 2nd  2:00pm EST, 11:00am PST

One of the biggest factors that has contributed to a stronger muni market after COVID-19’s initial disruption has been the incredible increase in participation of new, taxable bond buyers. This trend began in 2019 and accelerated significantly into 2020. Issuers tapped taxable capital, including real international investors, often to refinance outstanding tax-exempt bonds. Many market participants think this new pool of demand will only grow in 2021.

MacKay Shields is one of the largest investors in the municipal market, including on the taxable side. John Loffredo, who co-heads the firm’s muni investment strategy and portfolio management, believes there are major opportunities for issuers who proactively engage these investors.


  • Why taxable issuance is slated to grow throughout 2021 and beyond
  • What taxable buyers really need from you to make a confident, informed purchasing decision
  • The increasing importance of non-deal investor engagement, and the best ways to get started
  • Small changes issuers can make to meaningfully raise their profile with taxable buyers


  • John Loffredo, MacKay Shields

Advanced Corporate IR Strategies 

Thursday, December 3rd  2:00pm EST, 11:00am PST

Corporate CFOs have been investing in IR for decades, benefitting from knowing their investors and developing long-term relationships. This field of IR is far more established than what’s currently practiced in #muniland, and issuers of all sizes could benefit from some of the best practices undertaken by corporate finance professionals. This panel of corporate IR leaders will highlight the countless opportunities that stronger investor engagement presents.


  • Why investor engagement matters to their organization’s success
  • How IR strategies are developed, including digital/web strategies
  • How IR success is tracked, measured, and reported on
  • What works, and what doesn’t work, in terms of uncovering new pools of capital


  • Lynn Tyson, Ford Motor Company
  • Guy Gresham, BNY Mellon
  • Greg Anderson, Allegiant Air

Top Ten List: Tips & Ideas from a Portfolio Manager

Tuesday, December 8th  2:00pm EST, 11:00am PST

Guy Davidson has led AllianceBernstein’s municipal investment efforts for the last twenty five years. Over that time, he has seen all kinds of markets, all kinds of bonds, and has been part of the digital and data evolution in #muniland. For this session, Guy will download his experience, outline what opportunities are available to issuers, and offer his perspective on the most effective approaches.


  • Best practices for engaging investors under different scenarios
  • How to take advantage of the market’s seasonality
  • How and when to be proactive with bond investors


  • Guy Davidson, AllianceBernstein

Leveraging the Finance Team to Drive Investor Demand: MA’s & Bankers

Thursday, December 10th  2:00pm EST, 11:00am PST

COVID-19 is forcing traditional #muniland bond investors to double-down on their issuer credit research ahead of bond sales. Meanwhile, new taxable buyers helped drive demand in 2020 and their influence is expected to grow next year. These factors make investor transparency and outreach more important than ever.

The most successful issuers are leveraging the deep knowledge and market-reach of key members of their external finance team, namely their Municipal Advisors and Bankers. This is a rare opportunity to hear from a collection of leaders in those fields about their ideas for high-impact investor engagement.


  • How finance teams traditionally approached investor engagement, and the importance they’ve placed on it
  • What changes these key decision makers have made to combat the volatility COVID-19 introduced
  • The best ways you can collaborate with your finance team to minimize unnecessary work and ensure continued success


  • Nat Singer, Swap Financial Group  Moderator
  • Marshall Kitain, JPMorgan
  • Maureen McCann, Citi

BondLink's Partnership Network: New Tools for 2021

Tuesday, December 15th  2:00pm EST, 11:00am PST

The pace of new technology investments in the muni bond market have accelerated over the last two years. Everyone has a platform, and being interconnected to as many facets of the market has never been so important for issuers.

At BondLink, we recognize that significance for our issuer clients and have created a high-value partnership network. Tune into this session to hear what we’re building for you in 2021 and what opportunities the new tools and integrations mean for your bond programs.


  • What trends our partners are seeing market-wide, and why those matter to you as an issuer
  • The strategic priorities they are focused on
  • The tools and solutions we’re building together to give BondLink issuers a competitive edge


  • Will MacPherson, IHS Markit
  • Tom Doe, Municipal Market Analytics
  • Pierce Lord, ICE Data Services
  • Patrick Sanders, BondLink

New Strategies to Reach New, Sustainable Buyers

Thursday, December 17th  2:00pm EST, 11:00am PST

Environmental, Sustainable, and Governance (ESG) continues to be a prevalent theme for investors in markets all over the world. Munis are no exception, and issuers in 2020 have tried different approaches to reach more ESG-focused investors.

Tim Coffin of Breckinridge Capital will explore the various efforts several BondLink issuer-clients have undertaken with 2020 financings. Each issuer will outline their investor engagement strategy, detail what worked, and discuss what didn’t.

We’re big believers in issuers collaborating on best practices, and this is a rare, high-value opportunity for such an important topic.


  • How New York State Homes & Community Renewal manages their sustainable bond program
  • The details behind the San Francisco Public Utility Commission listing its green bonds on the London Stock Exchange
  • Why Connecticut Green Bank’s recent “Green Liberty Bonds” sale was such a success


  • Tim Coffin, Breckinridge Capital  Moderator
  • James McIntyre, NYS Homes & Community Renewal
  • Michael Brown, SFPUC Capital Finance
  • Michael Yu, Connecticut Green Bank


We’ve blended the best elements from previous conferences with real feedback from attendees to deliver a first-class digital experience. Here’s what you can expect when you join your peers during our sessions:

  • Unique research, perspectives, and insights from top experts
  • In-depth educational sessions for leading issuers who want to stay ahead
  • Hands-on training covering the latest municipal IR best practices for you and your team

Watch the webinars on-demand now and reach out to us if you have any questions.